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Where do we come from? How did we get here? It is as if we boarded a train somewhere in the distant past, not knowing where, and not quite knowing where it was headed. In the process, we stopped asking ourselves why, and just went along for the ride, distracted by the panorama and the dynamics of the other passengers on board, who also stopped asking why; instead they focused on their security, and claiming the most comfortable seats; except that most people would not be allowed to travel “First Class” which opened the door for competition and rivalry.

Soon, most of us would abandon the question of where we came from almost entirely. The question of where we boarded the train would fade into a distant and indiscernible past. The question of where this train was going would also be forgotten; survival and getting one of those “First Class” seats was all that mattered, despite the fact that this train only had one “First Class” car. The other ninety-nine were second and third class, and crowded with passengers.

I’m baffled by how easy it is for passengers on the “train of life” to stop asking where they boarded, or how they even ended up on this train to begin with? I’m baffled by how easy it is to become distracted to the point where the question of how it all began, doesn’t even enter the thought process. I’m baffled by how competiveness sets in, and we become blinded to the deeper questions. It seems that our uniqueness as a species, with the capacity to ask, gets lost, all because we are blinded by the “First Class” seats, and compete with the others to get there, not realizing that it’s all been rigged, and competition is the very barrier that keeps us out. Those who made it to “First Class” also seem to disengage, only thinking of how to keep the others out, no longer realizing that this is still a moving train with a destination even they ignore.

So, what keeps us from asking the deeper questions of where we come from? What keeps us struggling for a cunning, and useless seat in the “First Class” section of a train, headed for a nameless destination? Do we follow the crowd, or begin to ponder and search for the answers?

I for one will keep asking the deeper questions, I will not desist. There is an illusive Presence out there somewhere (and everywhere) that beckons me to question. I sense it wants me to keep asking, and to keep searching for an answer. This illusive Presence has put me on a quest – that much I know. How far I get in the end doesn’t really matter, the important thing is not to lose sight that I am on a journey, a mysterious journey, that has a purpose yet to be discovered, but already some things begin to come into focus. For one thing, the answer is not competition with others for “First Class,” if anything, taking the last seat on this train will move me closer to knowing where it is headed, and how it came to be that I boarded this train in the first place.

©Wilfredo Benitez

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