Hiding Beyond the Horizon

Cliff of Mohr Resize Wizard-1 copy

The clouds rest firmly in its Light,
The water below surrenders,
And the Road ahead is clear.

A moment of clarity emerges,
Our fate is sealed.
We belong to a Power much higher than ourselves,
Just hiding beyond the horizon.

As we journey forward
Thrusting one foot ahead of the other
Our hearts beat stronger…
There is something there,
We are drawn to it,
The path is aglow with its soft brilliant Light.

A fire is ignited within.
Onward we move,
Ever knowing “IT” will remain,
Just beyond the horizon,
Just beyond our knowing.

It calls to us,
We see its glow
But it remains elusive.

How long? We ask in melancholic desperation.
How long must we wait?

And from the placid breeze,
Dancing angels invisible in the Light
Whisper into our ears:
“As long as it takes
to walk the face of the earth!”

© September 10, 2014

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