It’s a Beautiful White in Harlem

Snowing in Harlem copy

It’s a beautiful white
descending upon Harlem this morning.
Light and darkness mix and blend
Shadows deepen making the brightness brighter
and the darkness richer,
and there is balance in the air.

The air breathes clean
Meme calls it “Good Air”
and Harlem slows down catching its breath
in the midst of white stillness
mingling with temperate clump sounds
with every step of my boots.

It’s a beautiful feeling
when things become still in the cold.
Not a menacing cold,
just enough unblemished cold
to ooze a gentle warmth.

I take a deep breath and life feels good!
I’m surrounded with the blessings of the earth
descending on Harlem this morning –
White manna from heaven –
and the stillness stirs my soul!

© Wilfredo Benitez 2/3/14

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